Enabling your employees to become your brand ambassadors


Last year, I was inspired by Batman, (well, really Sid Lee), to kick start my passion project.



Most companies expect their people to master the skills of formatting on day one (I mean, do you even remember taking a single lesson in formatting back in your college/uni days??), and the only tool they're given is a company template.


Very little is done to actually empower and equip people with the right tools, to be able to represent themselves but also the company they work for, whenever they do a presentation. How you look, sound, behave and.. format, all come together to make up your brand, and your people are your best brand ambassadors.


Engaging a national and widespread workforce, working from more than 500 locations in England.



As with most healthcare companies, spare time is a luxury and Virgin Care is no different. Anything created had to be in bitesize format, down to the animated tutorial, which is less than five minutes long, designed to only cover the very basics of putting together a PowerPoint presentation. Colleagues are then able to go on to the company intranet Jam to download other toolkits, like 'How to produce a takeaway' along with browsing the image library for additional brand assets.

Why stop there?



Most people will have at some point in their life, stepped into a GP practice or hospital, and come across leaflets and posters, probably made in Word, and printed using an office printer. By engaging your people in your visual brand, you show them what good looks like and the value of presenting yourself in a professional and consistent way, and you encourage them to apply this to not only their own work internally, but also externally.


Making sure leaflets and other printed materials are correctly branded, and look great is really important. Not only does it look professional, but it also ensures that patients get the right information. Using the same Intranet, a print ordering system was built in, to enable teams to help managers out in the practices with their service materials.


What's in it for me (apart from having fun in Adobe Animate)?



As a designer, I'm driven by the visual aspects of my work, and often I don't stop and think about the why and the purpose of it. As a Brand and Design Manager at Virgin Care, I'm not so much surrounded by other creatives and designers, quite the opposite, I'm often surrounded by my 'clients', healthcare professionals with a wealth of experience in delivering the best care to patients. I'm able to drive change with real insight to what's actually going on in the field, and use design to create a better customer experience, and a smile to patients' faces in a time of worry.


One might argue it's 'just a leaflet', or it's 'just a poster' but in the world of healthcare, where getting the right information is crucial and sometime life saving, it means everything.


However, I quickly realised I wasn't able to do this on my own, especially with a small in-house team, and so I had to bring my colleagues with me. Everyone has a responsibility to make their presentations look awesome. Everyone should be able to know what good looks like, spot when it isn't, and know what to do about it. At Virgin Care, anyone can be a designer.


Branding and looking after a brand is super fun (and challenging at times, let's be honest here), but the real excitement lies in bringing people with you and building a brand together.